OKE 2015 Task 2

This benchmark is for systems that can extract the type of a given entity from a given text and insert it into the DOLCE+DnS Ultra Lite classes. As Input, a benchmarked system receives a sentence in which an entity has been marked and the type of the entity is described.

Brian Banner is a fictional villain from the Marvel Comics Universe created by Bill Mantlo and Mike Mignola and first appearing in print in late 1985.

In the example sentence Brian Banner would be marked as entity and the system has to extract fictional villain and villian as its type. After that, the system has to define the types and their subtype relation.

<oke:FictionalVillain> <rdfs:subClassOf> <dul:Personification>

<oke:Villain> <rdfs:subClassOf> <dul:Person>

This benchmark is already included in GERBIL.

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Source https://github.com/anuzzolese/oke-challenge
Author Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese
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